The best option between compact size and spacy interior, between longivety and affordable price. This new Rectangular shape design gives you more space and headroom; featuring two-level steam room seating and extra wide windows making this barrel sauna an awesome party place..



This is the most luxurious and definitely the most spacious sauna that we offer. Because of its shape, even a very tall person will feel comfortable in any corner. A wooden table in a dressing room makes you feel like in a little cabin and is very practical as well, but the best thing here is that you may have big windows on walls and doors from the side. The sauna is supplied fully assembled and is ready to be used immediately. Usable all year round.



Each Barrel Sauna is constructed in Latvia using sustainable Siberian Pine. This slow-grown pine has been treated in Finland with heat and steam to produce Thermowood which is more stable than softwood and improves its durability, both of which help to lower maintenance. 



Barrel Sauna comes standard with an 8kw heater. Sauna stones also are included so that you’ll have everything you need to enjoy the authentic sauna experience just after delivery. With the help of its high-performance heater, this unit will generally reach 85-90°C in less than an hour. 



Rectangular shape design gives you more space and headroom; featuring two-level steam room seating and extra wide windows making this barrel sauna an awesome party place.., 



Barrel Sauna is supplied fully assembled with electrical wiring and installed sauna heater. This means that sauna is ready to be used immediately and any preparation tasks to be carried out at the location are minimal, just the electric connection to the sauna. Designed to be used by people of any age and at any time. 


Sauna Heater
LED Under Sauna Seats
Extra window 150x95cm
Ventilation window 136x28cm
1/2 Panoramic sauna window
Shower Set
  • Size: Length 6m, Width 2,3m

    Material: Thermowood

    Wall thikness: 45 mm

    People: 8-10


    Rectangular Sauna Includes:

    Thermo Aspen sauna benches,

    Aspen backrests and Thermo Aspen floor

    HALO 220V 8KW Electric Sauna Heater

    Full electric installation with LED lights,

    Stainless steel hoops with adjustable binding,

    Double exterior painting with Flügger stains

    Internal processing with Tikkurila Supi protection

    Prepared and well-considered ventilation system

    Double-glazed window 150x95cm

    Two sauna room windows 28x23cm

    Double-glazed exterior door

    Table and seats with storage in the dressing-room

    Tempered glass sauna door

    Bitumen shingle roof


    Upgrade this Barrel Sauna
    Wood Stove, Chimney, Water Container 30L + 400 EUR
    Double-glazed windows 150x95cm + 150 EUR
    Double-glazed window 136x28cm + 70 EUR
    Outer LED underglow lights + 180 EUR
    LED sauna lights under benches + 120 EUR
    1/2 panoramic sauna window + 400 EUR
    Shower Set + 400 EUR



    2-year warranty. We guarantee warranty and post-warranty service - all saunas are covered by manufacturers warranty specified and provide post-warranty service


Tel: +371-29-573-949



Tues.-Sat.: 11am - 7pm


All barrel saunas are manufactured under the highest quality standards. Starting from incoming control up to the final inspection stage


"Timber Art" Ltd,  54 Saules Street, Madona,

Madona City, Latvia, LV-4800


Limited Liability Company/Individual Merchant “Timber Art” has signed an agreement with Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) on Incubation support within the framework of the ERDF Project No. “Regional Business Incubators and Creative Industries Incubator”.

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